Interior Decorating Services

Impeccable service from design to Installation

Our team is here to help you with all aspects of the interior of your home. From the first design ideas to working with your contractor for cabinetry installation, to our team installing your countertops, Maine Stone Design Center will be with you every step of the way. We invite you to sit down with our designer and let her guide you through the process of choosing the perfect cabinets, countertops, tile, and more for each room in your home. Our team collaboration ensures the best work possible for our customers. Contact us for an appointment today!

Remixed Rooms, Color, and Placement Consulations

This appointment features discussion of the look to be acheived and implementation suggestions. Great interior decorating can be acheived using what you already own and adding to it - there's no need to break the bank! Proper furniture or accessory placement, color updates, or adding a few new items to what you already have can give your home a boost! $75/hr.

Paint Color Selection

Assistance with choosing color for interior surfaces. Other decorating choices may be considered and discussed. A one hour appointment is typically necessary for consulting on one room. $75/hr.

Interior Design Decision Guidance

Designer accompanied shopping for your home for purposes of our interior design plan, interior decorating you will do on your own, or seasonal decoration. $50/hr.

Interior Design Consulations

Home visit appointment to evaluate room(s) for prospective interior design. Our designer will work within budget and assist with development of a plan for interior projects. $100/hr.

Furniture and Room Layout

Upon completion of consulation, our designer will review drawings with you to ensure complete satisfaction with redesign interpretation. After this, our designer will move forward with the design plan. As an alternative, you may purchase the design plan and perform the redesign yourself. Plan fees vary with size and number of rooms.

À la Carte

If you are interested in a combination of services, we will be happy to assist you! No design project is too large or small. Whether it be coming up with a design plan, shopping for or placing finishing touches, our designer is happy to help. Fees vary based on required services.